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SMART Technologies Announces Google EDLA Certification for World Leading Interactive Displays

All new interactive displays and updates from SMART Technologies will run on Android™ 13 with Google™ EDLA certification and provide powerful security, industry-leading longevity and upgradability, and greater ease of use to maximize technology investments for schools.

SMART Technologies, the world's most popular interactive display brand[1], is pleased to announce that its newest interactive display solutions will feature Google EDLA Certification, with options for Google EDLA Certification across its existing lineup available soon.

These solutions include a new generation of iQ-powered interactive displays for education, coming in 2024, and an appliance-based solution designed to be paired with SMART displays purchased as early as 2015, available this fall.

SMART Technologies provides industry-leading longevity without compromising ease of use, delivering on their promise of affordable, industry-leading upgradability. For schools and districts investing in technology with limited funding, SMART's display options represent a good investment today and for years to come.

"Imagine if hardware you bought nine years ago worked as well as a brand-new product. As consumers, we don't expect that from our phones, computers, TVs or displays. As a company whose customers rely on today's investment for years of classroom instruction, our goal is to raise the bar," said SMART Technologies CEO Nicholas Svensson. "At SMART we are proud to be the only manufacturer with a truly proven commitment to upgradability for our displays, to spare our customers the expense and hassle of replacing obsolete hardware for as long as possible. Unlike other display manufacturers, we ensure there is always a path forward for customers to upgrade their displays."

SMART Technologies' interactive displays are designed for the future, with anticipated technology and education trends in mind:

An all-new interactive display line-up. SMART's new interactive displays will fully utilize Google EDLA certification (also known as Google Mobile Services certification) to provide secure, powerful interoperability for both Google for Education and Microsoft Office 365 users, including with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. Users will be able to customize their home screen and navigation menu to include their favorite apps and have easy access to Google Play™, Google Classroom™, and other Google services. The new displays will also offer one-click home screen access to a Google Search bar, and enhanced search capabilities like voice search options.

Solutions that include Android 13 and Google EDLA certification will be available as upgrades to all three of its current interactive display models: SMART will support existing customers with the 6000S series and the MX series displays with appliance-based options to upgrade to SMART's latest operating system - iQ4 - on Android 13 and obtain access to the latest Google features. It will also offer customers with the SMART GX-V2 series displays an upgrade to basic embedded computing on Android 13 with Google EDLA certification.

SMART is unique in the interactive display market by supporting upgrades for older models in its product lineup, including some sold as early as 2015. This means customers can have and maintain great embedded workflows and security longer than with any other brand.
The company's latest interactive display solutions allow customers to eliminate the need for frequent buying cycles and replacements. Google EDLA certification means that with Google Mobile Services users can easily install apps with the Google Play™ store. Admins can also manage app installations at scale using SMART Remote Management. Google users will also enjoy out-of-the-box access to Google Drive and YouTube, plus easy access to Google Classroom, Docs, Slides, and Sheets. SMART's next generation of interactive displays will also leverage new Android 13 security enhancements including additional protections against app vulnerabilities through Google Play Protect.

These new upgrade options are part of SMART's commitment to ensuring that customers get the best value for their budget over time. Buyers have peace of mind and know they will receive reliable, responsive support, system enhancements, and an exceptional experience on their interactive display, regardless of when they made their purchase. To learn more about options for SMART customers to upgrade their appliances and displays, please visit www.smarttech.com.

About SMART Technologies ULC

SMART isn't just a leading tech company, but a connections company working tirelessly to create and advance technology that helps teachers, learners, businesses and teams make meaningful connections every single day. The original SMART Board® launched in 1991, and SMART has continued to innovate in EdTech, including through Lumio™, an award-winning collaborative learning software. With a full range of products, including an impressive selection of easy-to-use interactive displays used by millions of businesses, educators and students around the world, SMART creates connections that matter. To learn more, visit www.smarttech.com.

[1] *According to Futuresource Consulting Ltd., in Q1 2023 SMART is #1 in Education IFPs globally (less China, Hong Kong, Taiwan) and in the UK, Australia, Spain, DACH, and the Nordics.

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