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Famic Technologies Inc. announces the release of Automation Studio™ V8.0!

With a host of new advanced features and enhanced capabilities, this release ushers in a higher level of efficiency and productivity for system engineers and designers across industries.

Famic Technologies Inc., a leading innovator in the field of CAD and simulation software, is thrilled to announce the release of the anticipated new version of its groundbreaking software, Automation Studio™, specifically intended for the design and simulation of multi-technology systems.

Automation Studio™ v8.0 represents a significant leap forward in the field!

It has been meticulously crafted by our team of experts, drawing on their deep understanding of the evolving needs and challenges faced by professionals in today's fast-paced technological landscape, especially with the higher level of electrification of fluid power components and equipment. It also places greater emphasis on features required for the design of hydraulic manifold blocks, training and technical publications.

"We are thrilled to unveil Automation Studio™ v8.0, which represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for multi-technology system design and simulation," says Charbel Nasr, President at Famic Technologies Inc. "With its intuitive interface, advanced capabilities, and enhanced collaboration features, we believe this release will empower engineers and designers to push boundaries, drive innovation, and significantly reduce machine time to market".

To learn more about Automation Studio™ 8.0 and how it can revolutionize your multi-technology system design and simulation processes, visit Famic Technologies' Website or contact us.


Automation Studio™

Automation Studio™ is a unique software covering all project/machine technologies including hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and automation. It is used by the different departments throughout an organization for system design, simulation and validation, training, maintenance, troubleshooting, technical publications, project documentation and sales support.

Famic Technologies Inc.

Based in Montreal, Canada, with branches in Germany and India, Famic Technologies is leading the industry since 1986 by providing world-class trade-oriented software solution in the fields of fluid power, electrical engineering, industrial automation and custom software development. Namely, Automation Studio™, an innovative system design and simulation software used for training, maintenance, validation and troubleshooting of multi-technology circuits, Automation Studio™ Live Manifold for hydraulics manifold design, quoting and prototyping, and Andon Studio™, for process management optimization. With quality and performance driving decisions, Famic Technologies has become internationally recognized and sought out for its expertise, knowledge, innovation and leadership.

For media inquires please contact:

Josée Martineau
Executive Assistant
T: +1 514 748-8050 #257 | F: +1 514 748-8521
E-Mail: jmartineau@famictech.com

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