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Teacher-tailored content for the English classroom – storytelling at its best

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Reading, writing, storytelling – stories provide an ideal learning context for students.
But what stories are relevant to a young audience today? And what are the best ways of telling them?
We invite you – English teachers with the daily, practical experience of teaching English – to discuss your ideas with writer David Fermer:
How would you like to use stories in your classroom? What formats are best? How interactive could stories really be? Are digital forms a realistic option?

David Fermer has written several Cornelsen Readers for students from grades 5 to 10 – from “The Amazing Adventures of Jack London” to “Frankenstein” and “Riot”. But he knows those stories are nothing without you, the teacher.
So come and be creative! Come and talk with David Fermer.

Ort: Eventfläche „Wissenslounge“ im Cornelsen-Stand